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Davis Paint company has a variety of special paint product lines. Click the product links below to view information on a particular product.

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Davis Paint 5029Sahara Clear Masonry Sealer is a clear, acrylic, water-based masonry finish that penetrates the surface to form a durable, high binding sealer on concrete, masonry, stucco or plaster surfaces. It can be top-coated with latex paints and stains. Sahara Clear Masonry Sealer provides a strong, breathable water barrier. In addition to keeping surfaces clean and preserving the natural appearance, it also conditions the surface for subsequent application of stains, paints or adhesives.

Davis Paint 0635Ever-Bright Multi-Purpose Liquid Aluminum Paint is a premium quality, bright leafing aluminum paint for interior or exterior use. Liquid Aluminum can be used on new or previously painted metal, wood and masonry surfaces. Ideal for use on radiators, machinery, piping, structural steel, taks and other maintenance or rough product finishing. This product SHOULD NOT be used as a primer for any other paint. This product may be applied via brush, roller or spray.


Davis Paint 0417Alkyd Zone Marking Paint is an exceptionally durable, fast drying alkyd paint used for striping and lane marking on asphalt or concrete, driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, curbs or airport runways. This product has excellent hide and bleed resistance as well as dries to a gloss-free, highly visible finish.

Available in 0417 Yellow (0416 White requires a 100-gallon minimum)

MPI #32 approved

Davis Paint 30007 Latex Traffic & Zone Marking Paint is a vinyl acrylic latex paint for striping and lane marking on asphalt or concrete highways, parking lots, curbs and factory floors. This product has excellent hide and bleed resistance as well as dries to a highly visible flat finish. Available in Yellow or White.

Davis Paint 2790Water Reducible Epoxy Polyamide Gloss Enamel - Mix (1:1) A water based two component epoxy polyamide that is checmical resistant and provides a tough, durable gloss finish for interior surfaces. Water Reducible Epoxy is best when used on primed or previously painted surfaces or masonry, concrete, brick, unglazed tile, plaster, wallboard, iron and steel. It is ideal for schools, hospitals and other areas where high performance, low odor coating is needed. Product features water clean-up and easy application with brush, roller or spray.

Davis Paint 2780Epoxy Finishes Oil Gloss Enamel Epoxy Polyamide Enamel is a high gloss, two-component chemical resistant enamel. Epoxy enamel is for use on primed or previously painted concrete, plaster, drywall, wood and metal surfaces such as walls, doors, trim, catwalks, railings, storage tanks and machinery. This product is suited for high use areas of schools, office buildings and hospitals where maximum durability and resistance to stains and washing is necessary. This product may be applied by brush, roller or spray, however, brush is prefered.

Davis Paint 2714Oil Base Red Oxide Metal Primer is a Red Oxide Metal Primer intended for interior and exterior metal surfaces such as iron, steel and aluminum. Corrosion resistance of this product is suited to protect field machinery, farm equipment and storage tanks. This primer can be top coated with latex or oil based products. This product may be applied via brush, roller or spray.

Davis Paint 0720Score! Field Marking Paint (3-5403) is a vinyl acrylic latex paint for laying down lines on all kinds of athletic fields and sports areas, including football fields, baseball diamonds, soccer fields and running tracks. It is ready to use, safe and very easy to apply and contains no lime. When used properly, it is harmless to grass and participants. This product is also long lasting without blurring or dusting.

Davis Paint 6080Ranch & Fence Latex Barn Paint is a good quality, economical paint recommened for general use on exterior wood surfaces such as houses, garages, barns, outbuildings and fences. This paint can also be used on primed metal. The product offers easy application, good hiding and easy clean up with soap and water. This may be applied via brush, roller or spray. Colors available are Red and White.


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